Week 6 came with being sick all weekend and the pain level increasing to levels not yet seen, but pain meds are working well, there is one rad burn on my neck that is just irritating because it’s in a bad spot and my shirt keeps rubing against it, my weight is down from 195 to 179 pounds, which the doc says isn’t really too bad, but of course doesn’t want me too loose too much more otherwise I could see a real lack of energy and ability to get things done.

Well I have 9 rads, and 2 chemo treatments to go and then, a PET scan 10 weeks later and analysis to see if it has popped up somewhere else.  The prognosis is still real good the tumor has shrunk to the point where I don’t even feell it when I do a self examination.  Hopefully when this is over I will have some time to reflect on the experience and document the learnings.

Bring on week 7