Hi all, treatments are getting tougher, chemo is playing its games with me one day good one day not as good, so we have gone the I have good days and not as good days and we really don’t know one from the next.  The one thing that is good is I still get hungry and I want to eat, it’s just my throat is starting to hurt and swallowing is getting harder every day.   I have one more day and then two days off for the weekend and I will be able to get some work done over the weekend, and get caught up a bit.  I am still working and adding value at work and will continue as much as I can.

I am finding out that I get very worn out during the day and any work I do, do I am very deliberate and have to check my work usually twice, which really is impacting my efficiency, but I guess better accurate than efficient.   Life throws you these curve balls and some of them aren’t too bad but I will tell you this, this sucks.