The weekend was good, Katie, Jamie, and Hanna came to visit, it was so good to see them.  Sometimes going through this illness and being in another state from family I feel like Barbara and I are going through this by ourselves, and then someone comes to visit to remind you that you’re not alone.  The Super Bowl was really great to watch with someone who had an interest in the actual game not just the commercials.  I talk to my sister and my mother at least once a week and my sister-in-law Judy does check in with Barbara once a week or so.  There is nothing like physical contact someone here in the house and visiting.  Guys if you can come remember I would love nothing more, if you can’t I understand and love you so much as I know your thoughts and prayers are with me.

Well today was check up day with the nurse practitioner Amy and I have a few large mouth sores and my throat is very sore so she came to the rescue with a script for “magic mouthwash” and pure lidocaine, of which my insurance company the dorks won’t approve both so until I can straighten it out “magic mouth wash” is on me it’s really not that expensive but it’s the point, she prescribed one to allow me to swallow and one to make brushing my teeth easier.  So now it’s time to fight with my insurance company.  Take care guys and will write soon