The week has been going pretty good until Wednesday kind of crashed and burned about 3:30 in the afternoon after radiation.  Also I’m finding out that I get a severe amount of heartburn and lost 3 pounds last week. So the my oncologist wants me to just pile up calories. My sense of taste is starting to go hoping that my sense of smell will make my food seem like it tastes better.  The water I’m drinking tastes a little like metal, and my gums are starting to get sore from brushing.  If this week goes like last week the crash and burn will last until Saturday.  Still hanging in a day at a time and working that way too.  With work I’m going to try something new going in a little later and going back after Radiation on Monday, and Wednesday, and Thursday at least, and working remote on Fridays.  Tuesdays will be the challenge with chemo, but I think with sleeping later there may be more opportunity to work remote.

This weekend is really going to be great, Katie and Jamie are here for the weekend and we will get to show them a little of Midland and they are going to stay until Monday so they can watch the whole game.

More to come