I started the day at the periodontist, I need to have a perio cleaning which will be done over the next two weeks and also have two fillings done before treatment starts.  The good news is he doesn’t believe I will have to have any teeth pulled, that all can be saved.  This afternoon Barbara and I met with the chemo doctor and he is talking about once a week and in the beginning of the week using chemo to make the radiation more effective.  He read the PET scan and the tonsil has a mass of about 3 cm and the lymph node is about 4 cm, which he says is still early stage and he expects a full recovery.  It’s an optiomistic view and I really appreciate it.  He has also talked about ways of mitigating side effects by drinking the aloe vera drink and using a lidocaine mouth wash.  I will do all I can to limit the side effects.

The upcoming schedule is Wednesday I will undergo an outpatient surgery to put in a peg tube (feeding tube) so if my throat gets so sore that I can’t eat I can be fed and keep up my strength.  Friday will be my first perio appointment, and the following Wednesday is the second appointment,  I will need to fit the regular dentist in there also to do the two fillings so we can get started on the radiation treatments, so we can get rid of this thing.