This week’s events have been fairly routine for now.  I had a dentist appointment to make sure I don’t need a tone of serious work, and I don’t just a couple fillings that need to be done before treatment starts.  Radiation will destroy at least one of my slavary glands making it easier for bacteria to grow and decay to get worse, so this will need to be done.  That appointment is on Friday January 6th.  Also I will still need to see a medical oncologyst for recomendations on chemo or other treatments, and that appointment is on January 6th also.  I also had a PET scan of my neck and throat along with my entire body to make sure the cancer isn’t anywhere else.  The tests are routine for this type of illness.  The medical oncologyst will read it this coming week and discuss it with me on Friday January 6th.  The next thing on the list is the installation of the peg tube on January 11th, this is a tube that I will have to use to feed myself if it comes to the point where I can’t swallow anything.  From what I understand from the google group I belong to and what I have read it’s all fairly routine preparations for the radiation treatments, and chemo comming up.  Stay tuned for updates on the up coming appointments.