My name is Georg, I live in Midland Michigan, I’m 50 years old, married, with one son. I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer on December 15th, 2011.  I will write here from time to time and keep you informed as well as I can.

I have never heard of tonsil cancer but have found out from my ENT that it is actually fairly common and he has two or three other patients he is treating with it, also there is a google group especially dedicated to help with experience, strength, and hope to those with this type of cancer.  The prognosis is good if treated and right now.  The side effects of treatment according to others and my radiation oncologyst can be quite rough.


4 thoughts on “About”


  2. saximo said:

    Georg, you have a fan club.

  3. G-

    good start. I started one myself the day I was diagnosed. Kept it up pretty much everyday the first year and every so often after. It is a great diary to look back on.


    “Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside us” Oliver Wendell Holmes

    Play on…

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